Proof is a leading software solution for HVAC Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, and building system commissioning. Our goal is to simplify and enhance the TAB process, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings. With our intuitive interface and adherence to international standards, Proof is the trusted choice for professionals in the industry.

person using computer keyboard
person using computer keyboard

Our principles

Our software is designed to be practical and friendly-user because we believe that the practical software will save a lot of time.

Flexibility and Customization

Compliance with International Standards


Developed according to international standards such as NEBB and AABC to ensure that our software meets the requirements. Our built-in TAB forms are designed to streamline the TAB process and make it easier for you to comply with these standards.

We understand that every building system is unique, and that's why our software offers flexibility and customization options. You can modify the content of theTAB forms to suit your specific needs and requirements, making the testing and balancing process tailored to your building's characteristics.

Jawad Saber



Naseem Hashem


Jawad is multidisciplinary re-engineer; He is mechanical engineer with extensive experience in HVAC equipment design. At the same time, he is a professional software developer and digital solutions architect. Jawad had delivered many cloud-based LOB applications for large and small enterprises, these applications are related to engineering, sales, pricing, manufacturing, and IoT.

During his career at Zamil Air Conditioners, Jawad had developed the design and sales selection software for 4 product departments out of 5. His deliverables are being used until this moment!

Based on this unique experience, Jawad had come up with a new agile methodology for organizational reengineering to radically transform and computerize organizations within but short time frame. This methodology is mixed with passion, digital capabilities, and the right partner to deliver Proof Software.


To contact Jawad, send him email at jawadsjaber@outlook.com

Naseem is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience, specializing in the Testing and Commissioning of systems. Naseem held many positions during the last years with Evolution Engineering Services Company starting from Testing and Commissioning engineer, then Technical Manager, and finally Eastern Region Area Manager in Saudi Arabia.

Naseem worked and/or supervised more than 80 projects in Jordan, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia.

Naseem has many certifications:

  • Certified Professional from NEBB Certification # 23868 in two disciplines:

  1. Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of Environmental Systems.

  2. Whole Building System Commissioning.

  • Professional Mechanical Engineer [Audit] from Jordan Engineering Association.

  • Certified Energy Manger from Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) – Certification # 92372

  • Certified Sprinkler Inspection, Testing & Maintenance (ITM) Specialist from NFPA – USA.


To contact Naseem, send him email at naseem.hashem@outlook.com


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